Howdy, I’m Ellie—

I’m a problem-solver. And that’s how I approach design projects, because I find that most of my clients are addressing a problem—most often some sort of gap or opportunity in their marketing arsenal.

In any case, I get to design solutions, which is precisely how I get my jollies.


I like to start by learning all I can about your business, your project and goals, because I know that my solutions can be only as good as my understanding of your project and our communication. Important, right?

Also during that intake period, we’ll probably brainstorm together about your vision for the project at hand.

Then I take everything I’ve learned and run with it. I may do further visual and competitive research and some sketching, and then a frenzy of real, live, on-screen designing.

Next, I send ideas for you to review (and provide feedback for revisions), and before we know it, we’ll be be ready to deploy our results.

Shall we discuss your next project?

When I’m not designing…

I am usually engaged in a project or mischief with my family (husband, daughter, and beaglemutts), working to renovate our wonky old farmhouse, or I’m in the garden. I also enjoy cooking, sourdough bread baking, traveling, and reading. And not-too-sweet hot chocolate.

Why the beet?

I suppose the beet is a wink at my rustic, agrarian roots. I come from a long line of farm-folk, and I’ve lived on a farm most all my life: growing up it was my family’s organic produce farm near St. Louis. Now it’s in Mid-Missouri with my husband (and favorite pasture-raised chicken farmer, Matt, the big cheese at Buttonwood Farm) and daughter.

Also, since I’ve been gardening, I’ve become a late-blooming (though fierce) beet enthusiast. Such that I’ve been known to keep roasted beets on-hand in the fridge for snacking.